Anibags is a little reality that grows without haste and does not intend to follow the frantic rhythms of fashion. Each new creation receives all the time and love necessary to create one-off and unique objects.
Anibags has small handmade collections; cut, sewn, and finished by hand and made of leather, cork, jute, and other printed materials that result in individual and very particular combinations.
We choose a few pieces of leather, and small materials quantities since the productions are from 1 to 11 pieces. The different combinations make each handbag an only work of art hardly to repeat. Who owns an Anibags knows that she has an exceptional symbol in her hands.

She studied Psychology in Venezuela. Then she moved to Rome to continue her passion for Fashion. Ani graduated from the European Design Institute IED, and specialized in Fashion Design. She worked on Gattinoni, Valentino, and Ettore Bilotta premiers. Now, the mother of two children, she is working on her dream, designing and creating Anibags. Each new creation is the result of careful investigation of the materials and a meticulous study of the combinations to create small unique, special, and unmistakable collections.

The true essence of Anibags is #veryveryrealhandmade. From the choice of materials, through a continuous search for original combinations, to the creation of the pattern and the completely handmade cut, following with the assembly, the last details, the rivets, the carabiners, the zipper, everything that speaks of a craft made with care and love, without a hurry. And the different irregularities, shades, and shadows are what make each creation unique and unrepeatable.